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+ Intuitive Empath

+ Shamanic Practitioner

+ Channeled Writer

+ Poet

now is the time
to take the lessons
yet leave the pain
to honor the connections
yet release the tethers
the path awaits
the sky speaks
you are here for a reason
believe in your soul
trust Spirit
invite the magick
walk on


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Meet Tracy

Tracy is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive empath, and channeled writer.


Walking between worlds since I was 4, I have been Spirit taught in the Shamanic Arts, Druidry and intuitive healings. I lean into the energies of this world as well as the spirit realms. Messages come through that are unique and personal to the client. 


Some of the modalities used are:


  • Animal medicine and connecting with your power animals/ familiars/guides

  • Ancestral work and healing 

  • Mediumship and connecting with departed loved ones

  • Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience

  • Intuitive Empath

  • Channeling

  • Energy work 

  • Deep listening, hearing what's not being said

  • Shamanic Journeying - entering a trance like state to access messages from the Spirit realm

Practice Areas


Clients can be seen virtually or in person. 

Don't see what you're looking for? Send me a message.




Thinning Veils Session
Pathwork Session

via phone or video chat we will call on your departed loved one and or work side by side to channel messages from them and also your guides. 

**October special only $33 for 30 minute call

Readings can be done via email, phone, zoom. 

These intuitive readings call on guides, ancestors and power animals.

I will also use some Divination tools to help shift stagnant energy and will often receive channelled messages. 

EMAIL - send me your question (please ask only one per email) and I will respond within 24 hours/$33


20-30 minutes/ $77

45-60 minutes/$111

*appointments are set once payment is received

We will have a conversation to uncover different areas in your life that may be needing attention, then will do some energy work and an intuitive reading. 

I accept Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal and Square 

Our time together includes energy centering, deep listening and intuitive guidance. 


Helping you connect with your guides and clearing out old blocks and stagnant energies.

Virtual: $99/hr / 3 for $277 / 6 for $555

In-person: $111/hr /3 for $313/ 6 for $600


Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval Work​

The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality.


Soul retrieval is a shamanic term that refers to reintegrating lost soul parts back into a person to create healing. These soul parts may become fragmented from emotional traumas, physical injury and illness, or even prolonged stress.


$155 / session 

*If a new client, a 15-minute discovery call is needed prior


Intuitive Poems


$33 per poem


Mentoring Packages/and Death Doula/ Psychopomp work

Custom designed.


"Tracy is a seasoned shaman, who gently guides the soul back home. During our sessions, she invited me to connect with my deepest soul wisdom, consult with my personal animal totems and spirit mentors, and trust the divine direction received. She also journeyed on my behalf, excavating shadowed truths and illuminating new pathways that both challenged and grew me. Grateful for the clarity and compassion she provided within a sacred container for transformative healing."

Melissa Rivera

"Tracy is a wonderful shaman.  She is a loving, caring, peaceful woman who   allowed me to open up and being my healing process. I am forever grateful for her guiding my journey."


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